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After 25years of Instruction Perceptive Awareness INC is branching into On Line Intuitive Instruction - The Perceptive Awareness ON Line Classes.

What can we offer you?

Very Active Learning


Convenient, Complete, Congruent with the present on site classroom classes for 20 years  

More economic than most.  

Experienced teachers of intuitive instruction.  

Compassionate one on one instruction.

Classroom review and actual practice.

Personal direction during class.

Rapid advancement class of 2 ½ days.

Small classes for diligent direction & results 

Testimonial and feedback per class 

Master teachers of the Perceptive Awareness available for /during instruction.

Home assignments and checking. 

Graduate certificates of achievement after certified success in class.  

About the Founder

nsuella C. Newton  founder of P.A.T. (2000), Originator of Integrated Awareness Technique  (1976-2005) Founder of “Soma PI  Healing” (TM. 1995)  Also Listed in Cambridge Who's Who (2009-2010) She  is an author and is known for delivering a wealth of knowledge and experiences. You can visit her website at 


Your P.a.T. Teachers

Carole Cravath

  Carole is a Master Teacher of Perceptive Awareness for 16 years and  a favorite among her students. She loves experiencing how her students have become proficient. It is noted that they receive profound insights and are highly accurate in using their powerful new intuition. She is compassionate and brings clarity and new understanding and lots of encouragement to her students. She is an author and has published articles which include Dream Interpretation, Healing, Intuition and Transforming Negative Emotions. Her students receive spiritual growth that they are appreciative of. She has done radio interviews on intuition and healing. She holds a current teaching license and has published fun creative activities for kids to learn empathy and compassion. She has 30 years of experience in fields of counseling and social work diversity in teaching. She is a practitioner and certified instructor of Soma PI ™ healing technique. She has enjoyed doing intuitive consultations and healings for emotional and physical concerns for 25 years. 

Susan Zummo

Susan Zummo,P.A.T.

  Susan Zummo is a highly motivated  qualified teacher of higher awareness. She is one of the Master Teachers of the Perceptive Awareness Technique (P.A.T., Inc.), a Soma Pi™ healing teacher, an Integrated Awareness graduate and a certified Healing Hypnosis practitioner. She has also been a Reiki Master with over 25 years experience. Susan has been helping students connect with their Higher Minds through P.A.T. seminars and Soma Pi healing workshops. Workshop participants learn to reinforce their belief in self and connection to a higher source. Clients regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet. Susan currently lives in New Mexico where she is learning about the beauty and culture of the Southwest.  



  "The  benefits from this class are many! Most importantly, much of the time I  have spent previously involved searching and reading for answers. Now  that I have the ability to get answers for myself, much more of my time  and life will be spent doing what my spirit has intended all along!  Carole was/is a fantastic teacher!"
Kim R. (Minnesota) 

  "Learning  this technique will definitely help with my peace of mind in making  decisions, resulting in my being more gentle and loving with myself." 
June H.  (Minnesota) 

  "PAT  training was truly wonderful experience. From the expert instruction  and care shown to us by Susan, to the easily performed and quick  technique of PAT itself, I cannot advise strongly enough how much every  person should take this class. What you will gain from PAT is something  that can never be taken from you and will remain useful for the rest of  your life anytime you seek direction." 
 S. W.  ABQ, (New Mexico)

Susan  is truly gifted in her abilities as a teacher of P.A.T. and Soma Pi.    She puts her heart and soul into her work leaving you totally  fulfilled from her abilities.  I highly recommend her." –    
Bonnie J. (Virginia Beach, VA) 

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Please contact Carole Cravath or Susan Zummo at Cosmic39.com

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